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Comfort And Fit

Orthotic comfort is integral to our design. Would any of us buy a shoe if it felt uncomfortable when worn with the advice that “give it a week or two and you’ll get used to it?”

Like and athletic shoe an orthotic should be immediately comfortable to wear. Using Footbionics we now know that they should feel great as soon as they are worn. The unique patented design of Footbionics provides this effect as well as the materials we use. Take a look at the underside of the orthotic – it is nicely rounded just like the sole of a foot. When loaded by the foot this shape can alter slightly and therefore allows more even pressure and contact with the orthotic. The PEEVA base foam is very comfortable and has a good memory return. Try squeezing any of our models in the central heel and arch and you will feel a nice bounce back. It is not hard and brittle like other orthotic devices.

footbionics comfort and fit

Footbionics are completely heat mouldable to ensure that a more customised fit is achieved. By applying a low heat source the foam will soften to allow it to more accurately form to the foot shape during the fitting process. This provides for a more custom fit thus improving comfort and orthotic tolerance. Even if Footbioncs are not heated the foam will conform to the shape of the foot with use.

To increase comfort even more we have added two fantastic cushioning materials “OrthoLite” and “PORON” to several models. OrthoLite is an amazing material with great memory return and forms nicely around the foot. No wonder virtually every athletic shoe company uses this material in their shoes. PORON is a more delicate cushioning urethane that has fantastic shock absorbing properties. For years PORON has been used extensively in podiatry particularly in the treatment of diabetic foot conditions. Footbionics has been one of the few companies to manufacture an orthotic that is covered completely with PORON. You really will "Feel the Difference" with any of our models within our range.  





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