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hemispherical heel cupHemispherical Heel Cup

Our unique heel cup that provides a true podiatric shape allowing fantastic conforming of the orthotic to the heel. This hemispherical shape also allows for amazing cushioning and feel. Simple modifications can be added without effecting other regions of the orthotic. This shape is so stable inside the shoe.



Concave archConcave Arch

The concave arch hugs and conforms to the arch and midfoot exceptionally well. Being concave there is some orthotic flexion to allow for foot shape change as it transitions through midstance and toe off. This reduces plantar fascial irritability and comfort. Being rounded and concave this shape can be easily added to with subtle orthotic modifications.



All of our range are designed to be fully customisable by heat moulding however can be used in the shoes without further modification. The application of heat will allow for a more accurate shape and added comfort. Similarly all models in the range can be customised by the practitioner through posts or wedges.




Footbionics® are made from a unique blend of both Polyethylene and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate foams. PE provides shape retention and rigidity whilst EVA provides good shock absorption and cushioning. Combining the two offers the best of both worlds.


single density icon


Single Density

Single density PEEVA base layer where shoe volume is a factor. In firm and soft density options to fit dress, school or low profile athletic footwear.


Dual DensityDual Density

We have integrated a firmer PEEVA base layer with a softer top layer. There are several foam configurations used with either a firm base and soft top layer or soft base and an even softer top layer. EVA, PORON and OrthoLite are our favoured top layers. 



Tri DensityTri Density

Three different foam layers integrated into the orthotic to provide maximum support and motion control. PEEVA  base layer consisting of a hard semi rigid cradle for superior stability that extends from the rearfoot to the forefoot. A firm density PEEVA mid layer for excellent support and control covered with a 2mm OrthoLite foam for excellent cushioning and comfort.


Cushioning ratingCushioning Rating

This rating denotes the level of cushioning offered by each model. Match the cushioning rating for your patients need for comfort, shock absorbency, and cushioning.




Support RatingSupport Rating

This rating denotes the level of support offered by each model. Match the support rating to your patients needs for support stability or motion control.





Footbionics® contain Ultra-Fresh®, an extremely effective anti-microbial agent that reduces foot odour and improves foot hygiene. Footbionics® orthotics stay cleaner and fresher for longer.



Polo KnitPolo Knit Fabric

Used extensively in the footwear industry, P-K weave delivers comfort, breathability, superior feel and a professional look. Used in our active models such as Dual Density and Professional.




Brushed NylonBrushed Nylon Fabric

The smooth fleecy feel and finish makes this material perfect for sensitive feet or people who don’t like wearing socks. It feels like bliss and is used on our Cushioning Models.





Leather is such a unique and natural material widely used in the footwear industry. Tough, durable, breathable and very comfortable Footbionics® are one of the few companies to have a "true" genuine leather covered orthotic in our range. 





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