About Us

Born in 2006, New Zealand orthotic company Footbionics Limited was created to provide foot care practitioners with an extensive range of pre-fabricated orthotics that were superior to other products on the market. Our goal was to create an orthotic that was easy to use and prescribe whilst being totally comfortable and effective for the patient.
We also wanted to use some of the foam, fabrics and materials that sports shoes were being constructed from as no one else was doing this at the time.

Athletic shoe technology was developing quickly yet the orthotic industry was archaic.
We set about producing an orthotic that was immediately comfortable to wear, looked professional and utilised some of the technology already in use in athletic shoes. Footbionics also set about to create a range of orthotics for different conditions, activities, and foot types in a "one shoe does not fit all" approach! We had to look at offering practitioners multiple models of orthotics to ensure they could get a close match to the appropriate orthotic for the patient they were treating.

We listened to practitioners (and their patients) to create a product actually based on their needs and not what we thought they wanted. Footbionics have since emerged as a leading and preferred brand of orthotics for so many health professionals in New Zealand as well as Internationally. 
Worn in the shoes of many sporting greats and international's, Olympians, our product and brand has gained trust around the globe.
Just like athletic shoe companies, Footbionics are constantly evolving our products as we strive to bring to you the perfect orthotic device.

We love pushing the envelope on our products as we continue to enhance our models like no other.