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About Us

Footbionics were created in Christchurch, New Zealand by leading sports podiatrist Greg Woolman. Frustrated with the limited products available at his large Sportsmed practice Greg started to develop a comprehensive and unique orthotic range. After several years of development and collaboration with other medical professionals Footbionics were created.
Despite athletic shoes developing so quickly the orthotic industry in podiatry was somewhat archaic. Greg wanted to produce an orthotic that was immediately comfortable to wear, looked professional and also utilised technology from the athletic footwear industry. Another anomaly Greg identified amongst podiatrists was that the same orthotic would often be prescribed for completely different conditions. A child with heel pain, an athlete with a stress fracture, or an elderly patient with an ulcer could receive the same type of device albeit modified differently. This concept is very wrong and quite compromising for the patient. Footbionics set about to create a range for different conditions, activities, and foot types.

Product development was a lengthy process that took several years and involved input from many other podiatrists, health professionals and most importantly Greg’s own patients. The concept was simple and totally applicable to the marketplace. All we did was to listen to people and create a product actually based on what podiatrists and patients truly wanted - not what we thought they wanted. Footbionics have since emerged as a leading and preferred brand of orthotics for many NZ and Australian health professionals. Like athletic shoe companies, Footbionics are constantly evolving and strive to bring to you the perfect orthotic device.

Greg is a highly experienced podiatrist with significant involvement in treating elite athletes. He is well qualified with a Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine and a Masters Degree making him one of the most qualified New Zealand podiatrists. He is also podiatrist for the Crusaders Super XV rugby team, NZ Cricket, and podiatrist for Snow Sports NZ treating many Winter Olympic Athletes. Greg has also been involved in extensive biomechanical snowboarding and ski research. He has performed research for several leading snowboard companies including “Salomon”, “Flow” and “Thirty Two" as well as having written a book chapter on snowboarding biomechanics in Routledge Handbook of Sports Medicine. 





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About Us

We are a proud Kiwi company
who punch well above our weight!
By listening to practitioners and
their patients we've completely 
revolutionised orthotic therapy.

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