Our Fabrics


Podiatrists and their patients told us that they preferred a covered orthotic - quite simple really! The feel of a covering reduces heat, sweating, plus made the orthotic so much more comfortable to wear. Not only does the cover improve the comfort level but it also makes the product look much more professional. The types of top covers we use are listed below. They have all been sourced from the shoe industry where the athletic shoe brands routinely incorporate these materials into their footwear.


Polo Knit

P-K material is commonly used in the athletic shoe industry having been initially used in garments, remember the original tennis and polo shirts? The extraordinary comfort of this famous knit means it is still used extensively in the shoe industry to this day. The weave is strong and allows for better fabric breathability. In the Footbionics range we have introduced a stronger grade than is typically used in athletic shoe sockliners. We have chosen this material for several of our more active models.  


Brushed NylonAnother extensively used material in the athletic shoe industry this fabric has a wonderful feel. It’s not as breathable as P-K however it is very durable. Its smooth fleecy feel makes it one of the most comfortable fabrics available. Brushed nylon provides a nice finish and is preferred in stockings or “no socks” shoe use.  We have used this on our more cushioned models. For more sensitive feet this material is perfect.


merinoMerino wool needs little introduction. It's already being used by several footwear companies as a cover for standard insoles. Exciting times for Footbionics as we introduce you to the same natural material on an orthotic device. Wool has fantastic properties including resisting odour, retaining warmth but also being breathable. We are excited to roll out Merino in select models.




The properties of leather are generally well known. Leather is tough, durable, breathable and very comfortable. Although expensive leather is the material of choice in most dress shoes given that these are worn for many hours each day. Footbionics are one of the very few orthotic companies that produce a "true" leather covered orthotic model. Leather covered orthotics are wonderful to wear and do not draw your feet like other foams.