Footbionics Anatomy


Footbionics or BioMedical orthoses will feel great as soon as they are worn. The unique patented design of Footbionics provides this effect as well as the amazing materials we use.
Take a look at the underside of the Footbionics orthotic – it is nicely rounded just like the sole of a foot and similar to the shell of a prescription orthotic. This unique shape conforms to the foot with both heat and bodyweight allowing more even pressure and contact with the foot.

This unique rounded underside offers the clinician with endless possibilities when customising or adding a modification. Heat mouldable and fully customisable in so many ways means more accuracy in comfort, fit and function.
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BioMedical Anatomy

The BioMedical orthotic design was created as a slightly different orthotic option for the clinician. We wanted to use the same foams and materials however use a flatter base and slightly lower arch profile that was ready to use right out of the packet.  
The BioMedical orthotic base is flat and not upwardly curved. The arch is also not quite as steep as the Footbionics design. Modifications can still be made to the flat underside although being flat means there are slightly less options for full customisation. We have created self adhesive tapered medial or lateral wedges specifically for the BioMedical range.

We have found the BioMedical range to be perfect for lower profile arch heights as the BioMedical shape can fit like a glove.
To increase comfort even more we have added three fantastic cushioning materials - OrthoLite, Plastazote, and PORON to several of our models.Biomedical sport top icons
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