Orthotic Cleaning And Care

If you are using your orthoses regularly then they will need a spring clean from time to time. Here are some tips on getting the most life out of your orthoses.


Generally speaking you should expect 6-12 months wear from your Footbionics. This is dependent upon several things including the weight of the wearer, their activities, the shoes they are worn,  and how often the product is used. Some activities like tennis or squash can be quite taxing on orthoses with athletes wearing out shoes in just a few months. Similarly wet or damp environments can cause premature wear on the more delicate cushioning materials the orthotics are made from.
If you wear orthoses in your shoes constantly they will need some maintenance. You can wash Footbionics in cold water using mild detergent and then allowing to dry naturally. Place in direct sunlight or in the water cylinder cupboard are Keep the product away from intense heat as this can cause damage.

Footbionics are treated with Ultra-Fresh which is antimicrobial and used extensively in the athletic shoe industry. This helps to prevent odour and keeps the foot feeling fresher in the shoe.