Light years ahead



Take a look at conventional orthotics, and now take a look at Footbionics. There is absolutely no comparison. We are leading the way in terms of design, shape, materials, and most recently sustainability in the orthotic industry. 

The unique and patented* design of Footbionics is somewhat radical by orthotic standards. In fact it goes completely against the current grain of using a flat based orthotic like nearly every other device on the market. It was no surprise in perfecting our design, that the curved underside is similar in shape to the human foot, and also the "prescription orthotic" shell commonly used by podiatrists. This shape is the critical element in the success of our product and makes modification so much simpler.


Our enterprising approach is leading the way in orthotic development. We are thinking outside the square and challenging conventional orthotic design. As a result we were 1st in the orthotic industry for several design innovations – not bad for an ambitious Kiwi company. We were one of the 1st to commercially use;

  • Full thickness Poron 
  • Full thickness OrthoLite 
  • Sugarcane foam
  • Merino topcovers

It's been a wonderful and rewarding ride for us to produce products that both practitioners and their patients love. We strive to bring you innovative products and enhancements to our range. Brainstorming both design and materials is the fun part of our job and almost limitless.


hemispherical heel cupThis is one our trademark features. The heel cup is almost hemispherical providing exceptional cushioning and customisation options for the practitioner. Upon loading the heel cup will compress downward and flatten slightly providing a cushioning effect.. This unique design is extremely comfortable as it will accommodate varying heel shapes with ease. Being rounded this allows the concave shape to cup the heel. Despite being rounded the orthotic is supported by the shoe itself to maintain exceptional stability. Modifications to the heel region are limitless. This is just like working with a prescription orthotic shell. Foam can be added to the heel region to provide more subtle support, or more aggressively to improve foot alignment. You can even grind down the heel to provide an intrinsic post or add a custom heel cushion.

Concave archFootbionics arch profiles are supportive yet non aggressive. Our models therefore are tolerated exceptionally well. The importance of the windlass mechanism in foot function has ensured that our design avoided excessive medial blocking in the arch region. The underside of the arch region is upwardly contoured in both the transverse and sagittal planes. This allows the orthotic to flex downward slightly under load for the perfect fit and feel. This also helps to reduce plantar fascial stress from the medial arch. This rounded shape allows for accommodation of the midfoot by cupping this area nicely. On weight-bearing there is slight deformation however the orthotic is supported by the shoe itself therefore maintaining orthotic stability. Given the transverse shape of the arch region you can add medial and lateral support without changing the shells upper contour.

arch_angleOne of the issues with many orthotic devices is the irritability caused from the distal arch. In addition to this blocking the medial column of the foot is theorised to have negative functional consequences. Our declination angle is high to avoid arch pressure and allow for the 1st metatarsal to plantarflex. Despite the relatively high arch appearance the wearer will often feel little pressure in the distal arch.
The arch contour allows the practitioner to subtly add posting or wedging to a curved device without effecting the orthotic as a whole. Filling in the gaps certainly provides the practitioner with much more versatility in device customisation. The concave underside of the orthotic ensures however that the practitioner can easily modify the product with the use of the footbionics Quick Kit pre-moulded additions. Nothing could be simpler in using these Footbionics rearfoot, arch and forefoot additions that are seamless and offer instant motion control.

We have really pushed the boundaries in our Footbionics design and look forward to continue our lead in taking orthoses to another level.


CustomisableFootbionics are the perfect fit in more ways than one. Patients absolutely love the feel and fit of our orthotics. Our unique shape and design ensures that they feel natural and offer support and cushioning to the regions of the foot that they should. Just select that model you require trim to shape if necessary and fit into the shoe. 

All of our foams are heat mouldable so simply apply heat from a low heat source to further customise and enhance the fit. What could be easier? Need customisation for more motion control? Just add our Quik Fit orthotic additions or customise with your own foams or wedges. 


footbionics sugarcane logo-602They may look familiar to you however our foams are like no other. We’ve carefully blended the best of two well-known foams in the footwear and orthotic industry in our own secret PEEVA recipe.
Look out for our Sugarcane models that offer the industry a green and very sustainable option. So your carbon footprint is around 30% less.   

Footbionics were one of the the first to introduce modern running shoe materials as standard in our orthotic range. We've included virtually every podiatry trusted material in our orthotic design; being Poron, Plastazote, and OrthoLite.
Fabric coverings are extensively used in the athletic footwear industry and its no surprise that we've chosen these. We've included Brushed Nylon, Polo-Knit, and Merino covers on our orthotics. It's clear our brand is doing something very different to the rest.