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Comfort & Benefits

comfort and fit
Tired of your patients complaining of pain with traditional orthotic therapy? Like a running shoe your orthoses should be immediately comfortable to wear. See how we have succeeded in making Footbionics one of the most comfortable and functional orthotic devices on the market.

Our Products

Our products
We've developed a comprehensive range of custom orthoses and orthotic additions that meet the needs of the busy practitioner. Our exciting and innovative range compliments the wide variety of foot types, conditions, and activities  they are used for.


Who's Using Footbionics?

Footbionics athletes in Rio
Footbionics are already being used by tens of thousands of everyday Kiwi's and Aussie's. Footbionics are regularly prescribed as a part of a patients treatment. Take a look at some more well known national and international athletes using our product. 

Register with Us

register with us
New Zealand or UK Podiatrists and New Zealand Orthotists are eligible to register with us to enable product ordering, keeping up to date with our product range, new releases, special offers and to also to provide you with resources to help you in your practice.

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About Us

We are a proud Kiwi company
who punch well above our weight!
By listening to practitioners and
their patients we've completely 
revolutionised orthotic therapy.

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