There is a lot of talk about keeping the world green and reducing our carbon footprint. Given the types of material traditionally used in the construction of athletic footwear and orthotic devices, the solution is not so simple!
Footbionics are looking to change all of this. We are making steps to help our environment. Whilst they may be small initial steps, we hope that we can lead the way in offering the patient and practitioner a more sustainable orthotic product. 

We reached out to Allbirds footwear and they kindly provided their source of carbon friendly EVA foam for us. Allbirds started using their Sweet Foam™ as sustainable midsole material in their footwear.  We have now been able to source "Sugarcane Foam" being very similar to the Sweet Foam™ used by Allbirds. Allbirds were one of the first companies to commercially look at midsole sustainability and shared their foam source with others. 

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Sugarcane foam is a copolymer of renewable ethylene with Vinyl Acetate (EVA) that we have chosen for three models of our range Control Sugar Dual Sugar and Childrens Blue. It is a foam with easy processability and high compatibility with mineral fillers, and thermoplastic and elastomeric resins. Essentially the foam is made from bio-based sugarcane ethanol being around 30% eco-friendly. So around 1/3 of your orthotic is sustainable!


Our first batch of Control Sugar and Dual Sugar 30% Sugarcane Foam orthotics have arrived! 
No less that we have chosen a green foam colour to match the products properties. We are testing samples in other models we produce with some exciting results. All going well we will soon have all of our models using Sugarcane foam.

control_sugarcaneWe are excited and proud to be one of the first orthotic manufacturing companies to use this foam and look forward to pushing the sustainable envelope. It is our intention to use this unique foam in as many models we can. 


Pssst.....we also have our eye on some other sustainable innovations, sorry we cannot reveal more as these are top secret. We want to be first with these as well!