Fitting Instructions

Fitting the Footbionics and BioMedical orthotic range could never be easier. The product will mould to the shape of the patients foot with time. For a more accurate fit however there are several steps to follow to ensure that the orthotic is fitted correctly.

Remove any insoles from footwear
remove existing insole


This is not necessary for either the children’s or Biomedical Ezi-Fit 3/4 orthoses as they can be fitted over existing insoles.


Insert the orthotic you have chosen using the size chart as a guide
trim to fit copy

If trimming is required trim only the front and / or outside of the forefoot region as shown.

Apply heat if a custom fit is required
 apply heat to thermoform

With the orthotic fitted inside the shoe, use a hairdryer or low heat source for 2-3 minutes. Applying heat causes the foam to become thermoformable and form more accurately to your foot shape. All of our products will however naturally form to the shape of the foot with use.

Immediately place the shoes on and stand with knees flexed and aligned over the 2nd toes.
knees over second toe

Whilst in a flexed knee position, hold knee alignment directly over the foot. This is considered to be an anatomically correct position and encourages a more neutral foot position. Maintain this stance for 1-2 minutes.

Your Footbionics are now ready to use.
 treadmill run

With Footbionics there is usually exceptional user tolerance. The patient may however require 2-3 days to get used to their new foot position particularly if an orthotic modification is made. We recommend making any modifications at a separate appointment so that the orthotic first forms accurately to the foot and the patient gets used to the product.