Footbionics Additions

Our new range of orthotic additions including heel lifts, met pads, arch, rearfoot and forefoot additions
footbionics additions 2
At last – a new range of pre-moulded orthotic additions that will blow your socks off! Grinderless adjustments are here! We reviewed podiatric orthotic adjustments and have created a range of additions that replicated actual modifications that podiatrists would make.  
These are compression moulded and designed to fit neatly to the orthotic without the need for a workshop type modification. No grinder – no dust extractor – no mess – time saving – no need for a workshop. Ideal if you are working a satellite clinic where mess and additional workshop space is an issue.These innovations are so simple and yet so incredibly effective.

Our innovative range of heel lifts, met pads and arch, rearfoot and forefoot orthotic additions are so affordable and quick and easy to use. So what are you waiting for? Try them today.

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