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Compression Moulding

Athletic shoe companies started compression moulding EVA midsoles a long time ago. By compressing foam sheet into specially designed moulds this process has provided significant benefits in terms of shape retention, and durability. It is no coincidence that it has proved the most appropriate for our method of orthotic manufacture.
Compression Moulding
Closed cell foam is usually produced in a "sheet form" and was the original way midsoles of athletic shoes were constructed 30-40 years ago. The soft easily compressible nature of the foam using this manufacture method became superseeded when compression moulding was invented. By compression moulding the foam using a mould means that the foam takes on a much more accurate shape and also becomes far more durable. The end result of compression moulding will often compress foams to a harder and more denser form. Footbionics have found a unique way of orthotic manufacture to avoid the brittle and dense foam effect of compression moulding. Footbionics offer you one of the most comfortable compression moulded orthotic ranges on the market. Try squeezing Footbionics foam and compare this to other compression moulded products and you will “feel a significant difference”.
compression moulding 1compression moulds
Detail and shape using compression moulding                            Steel bottom moulds in orthotic manufacture





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