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Product Evolution

The product evolution of Footbionics orthotics - designed in consultation with podiatrists.

It was at Sportsmed, New Zealand’s largest Sports Medicine centre that the development of Footbionics began. Sick of patients complaining of the orthotic tolerance problems when using other prefabricated devices podiatrist Greg Woolman, the director of Footbionics addressed each issue that patients disliked. In consultation with other podiatrists and patients Footbionics then went about creating an orthotic from scratch that met the needs of their active clientele.   
Footbionics continue to evolve with consultation from many podiatrists as well as patient feedback. Our philosophy is simple in that we want to develop and maintain a product that is superior to anything else on the market. The orthotic industry had product that remained relatively unchanged for decades. There were new orthotics however the materials used were the same as they were 15-20 years ago. Footbionics have completely revolutionised the way practitioners think and use orthotic therapy. Surprisingly we are one of the few companies to embrace this technology.

“The great thing about our product is that is we are still evolving it”. Like athletic shoes, we will never be satisfied with the final product – evolution is a critical element in our development”. Regular product and prototype feedback is obtained via the large number of podiatrists and orthotists using Footbionics. Patients also provide very valuable information for us to refine our range. Their comments are just as important for us as they wear and test drive the product on a day to day basis.





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