Selecting Your Orthotic

Footbionics offers the practitioner many different models to choose from. Each model is designed to match the patients foot type, activity, or the condition being treated. The following advice is provided for you to efficiently select a model most suitable for your needs. If you would like to select your orthotic based on the patients condition or their activity then click on the links above.

The Footbionics Family
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Footbionics are so easy to select and can be fitted into your patients shoes in a matter of minutes. The chart above provides an overview of where our models sit relative to one another from fantastic cushioning to maximum control. This will be beneficial if you use stability rating as a method of orthotic selection. Our control model is nicely supportive and offers a good platform for adding more control if required. If more stability is required then we recommend the Dual Density, Dual Foam or our most supportive Professional as options. These similarly can be modified to provide even more motion control.
For cushioning or shock absorption our Cushion or Supercushion are the best options. Our newly released Cushion Slim allows for the same cushion feel in a lower volume shoe. 

Footbionics For Children

Footbionics for Children are a fantastic orthotic based upon a smaller scaled version of the Footbionic adult range. A nice neutral foam density that children will tolerate exceptionally well. We offer a 3/4 length range to eliminate the difficulty in accurately fitting a full length orthotic into a tiny kids shoe. Three convenient sizes means that as a practitioner you don't need to stock a large range. With the base of the orthotic being rounded, modification of the childrens orthotics is simple and effective. Selecting the orthotic is based on foot size and either the Red or Blue colour preference. Click here to learn more    
footbionics childrens
BioMedical Ezi-Fit
To compliment our range we have introduced two Ezi-Fit orthotic models. A 3/4 length model for use in dress footwear and a full length 4mm OrthoLite covered version for the more active patient. These can be dispensed straight from the packet and fitted in a matter of seconds - there is no necessity to heat and custom mould however you can do so if required. There are six convenient sizes ranging from a Womens' US size 6 to a Mens' US size 14. Click here to learn more.
biomedical ezi-fit  full insidebiomedical ezi-fit  34 inside(copy)