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Footbionics Orthoses

The Footbionics Range of Orthoses for Practitioners, Podiatrists and Foot Specialists

footbionics dual density 1For the podiatric practitioner we have created a completely versatile orthotic range. This follows our philosophy that the practitioner needs choice in prescribing the most appropriate orthotic for their patient. Within our range are completely different orthotic models, each attempting to satisfy a niche in helping you best treat your patients.

Our ultra comfortable orthotic range integrates technology and materials used in modern athletic footwear. Designed for podiatrists with their patients in mind Footbionics provide an excellent blend of both support and cushioning.

  • Highly professional appearance
  • Immediately comfortable to wear
  • Compression moulded for durability
  • Utilising high tech foams and materials
  • Custom mouldable for a more accurate fit
  • Treated with Ultra-Fresh for ultimate hygiene

To make life even simpler we’ve developed a range of compression moulded orthotic additions. These grinderless additions enable quick and easy modifications to be made on the spot with no mess or fuss.

Use our convenient reference icons to determine the specifications of each model to help you customise your product for your patients needs. For more detail refer to these icons in our Technology pages.  footbionics icons example

Fot the best in orthoses for practitioners, podiatrists and foot specialists please review our Footbionics family of products from the range below.

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BioMedical Ezi-Fit Full Length

BioMedical Ezi-Fit Full Length

Issue straight from the packet. For the more active or sports patient
BioMedical Sport

BioMedical Sport

Supportive orthotic for sports or active patients
BioMedical Casual

BioMedical Casual

A slimline flatter based orthotic for dress footwear
BioMedical Cushion

BioMedical Cushion

Cushioned foot support like never before





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